At Dave and a Camera, we specialize in creating unique wedding films. We understand what it takes to create good quality work and we do not cut corners. We take pride in not making the typical wedding video. 

Instead of long uncut videos, we produce well edited, unique short films that encapsulate your day. We create a film that you'll be proud to show to absolutely everyone. When you say, "do you want to watch my wedding video?" people won't be thinking they'll have to sit through 3 hours of footage your uncle shot. 

We create works of art that not only our couples love, but that we genuinely love! We have taken the time to learn our craft and spent the time in film school learning how to best create good quality work. We want to take the time to learn about you as a couple. So let's grab some coffee, chat, and see how we can create the perfect wedding film that you'll cherish.

// Our wedding films begin at $3700 locally. Each wedding film package includes 1 videographer, professional audio, and up to 4 cameras for the ceremony. //

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“Hiring Dave to capture our wedding day was easily the best decision we made during the planning process. His work was simply magical, and our film truly captured our personalities and special highlights of our family and friends. Not only is Dave's work excellent, but he is a great guy all around, too. You will definitely want to be best friends with him after it's all said and done. Thanks, Dave, for providing us with such a great gift!”

- Allison + Houston.



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What makes Dave and a Camera Films different from other videographers?

Well besides being hilarious, nothing. (*insert laughter*)

Okay, so we try to be hilarious and sometimes it works. Really the two biggest things that make us different are that we really know what we're doing. We did not just grab a camera and decide to do this. Our work speaks for itself. We went to film school, worked in LA, and continue to learn by educating myself and working on my craft. We don't settle for being mediocre. We understand not only the artistic side, but the technical side of things as well! Secondly, we embrace using audio. We love when couples write their own vows and love using speeches, letter reading, and vows to help bring the wedding film to life.


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We have a photographer, do we really need video?

To put it simply, yes, yes, YES. Oh and yes.

We love getting to work alongside photographers to capture the wedding day and create great work that our clients will love. Let's get this out of the way first, photos are very important an absolutely necessary for the wedding day. We just believe video is just as necessary. Video allows you to relive your wedding in a way photo cannot. It's a moving picture, and is an authentic way for you to see your wedding day. Another thing that separates photos from video is audio. Hearing the vows you spoke to your spouse, or hearing the speech your dad gave will be memories you'll cherish years down the road. We know photos are a must, but we know a wedding film will be something you'll never forget.


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For my wedding film can we use any music?

No, but that's a good thing, and here's why. By selecting music that must be licensed we not only find unique music for your wedding film, but it means we take the time to find the perfect music. We have a few websites that we spend many hours searching through to find the perfect song(s) for your wedding film. Getting music from these sites allows us to not only find music that is unique, but it also keeps us protected! Keeping us protected allows us to support artists and their music the right way. PLUS the sites we use have great unique artists and not only do we love getting to support them in their craft, but it makes the music for your wedding film unique to you!

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What kind of equipment do you bring to film my wedding? Is it a lot?

We truly believe in having a small footprint at weddings. We want to film your wedding the very best we can but we don't want to bring a full Hollywood production crew because that would be very intrusive! But the good thing is that we can still create that amazing Hollywood type film for you with a smaller crew. We use Sony mirrorless cinema cameras. We also bring a variety of lenses with us that allow us to be up close for certain shots and far away for others! Depending on the venue and wedding we will bring our drone to get aerial shots as well!


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Do you travel for weddings?

Yes! We've been all over the United States and travel international as well. We've been to Los Angeles, USVI, NY, Colorado, Texas, Indianapolis, and many more! We love to travel and want to create the best work no matter if it's a local or destination wedding! Whether the wedding is a destination for you or for your guests, we'll gladly make the trip to capture the wedding!

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Why does it take so long to get our video back?

We are usually at weddings for about 8-10 hours and that's a lot of footage to go through. Going through all of it is not only a huge task by itself, but we usually spend a good 15-20 hours alone searching for the perfect music for your video! Then comes the editing process which we like to take our time on, to make sure that we don't rush the wedding film. We want to create the best product possible for each of our couples, and that takes time. We do get a teaser video out within the first 48 hours to give our couples a sneak peek! A wedding film usually takes 10-12 weeks to complete and get it to our couples. But oh man is it worth it!


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